UNITY Helsinki – Unique Living in Jätkäsaari


In UNITY Helsinki, modern housing solutions in a central location, services, and sustainability are emphasized.

DEAS’s experts Asset Manager Kimmo Korpela, and Head of Transactions Finland Henrik Eskolin shared their insights on the UNITY Helsinki hotel project. Additionally, Tina Kaikkonen, the Country Manager for the UNITY chain, discussed how sustainability is integrated into their daily operations and how UNITY Helsinki stands out from other accommodation providers.

According to the experts, three key factors contribute to a successful development project that caters to housing needs: an attractive location, services, and sustainability. The unique feature of UNITY Helsinki Studio Hotel is its striking and stylish interior design, created by the renowned Tom Dixon Research Studio.

UNITY Helsinki – Where It All Began

In spring 2019, one of Aberdeen Standard Investments’ (now abrdn) real estate funds acquired a property for development. The concept was named UNITY, designed primarily for long-term living as a studio hotel solution. DEAS Asset Management, part of the Danish DEAS Group, represented the client in the project.

UNITY Studio Hotel was completed in summer 2022 in Helsinki’s Jätkäsaari district, a former harbor area. It is part of the larger Nordic UNITY long-stay hotel concept. The hotel, with a gross floor area of 5,922 square meters, consists of eight above-ground floors and a basement. The UNITY concept offers high-quality, home-like living in loft-style studios. The interior design was led by the British Tom Dixon Research Studio, featuring many of their designer products.

Right Location

UNITY Helsinki is located at Välimerenkatu 22 in Jätkäsaari district. The surrounding area boasts several restaurants, bars, cafes, and shopping opportunities. A regular tram connection (line 9) takes you to downtown Helsinki. Jätkäsaari has long been one of the most significant development areas in the Helsinki metropolitan region, according to Henrik Eskolin.

Comprehensive Services Under One Roof

UNITY Helsinki is a hub for modern living, accommodation, work, and well-being, featuring elegant design and versatile service solutions. For some, it’s home; for others, a hotel; and for a third group, an inspiring place to work. The fully furnished studio apartments, with exquisite design, are available for flexible short- or long-term stays, while hotel-level services ensure a hassle-free experience. UNITY also caters extensively to businesses, offering quality meeting rooms, diverse event spaces, and flexible project accommodation, as explained by Tina Kaikkonen.

UNITY Helsinki, situated in Jätkäsaari, offers 105 furnished loft and studio apartments on floors 2-7. The lobby’s co-working area provides 46 workstations, and there’s a privately rentable rooftop bar, a café, saunas, a gym, and other amenities that seamlessly blend work and leisure. Experience the perfect combination of traditional rental living and effortless hotel life at UNITY Helsinki, says Kaikkonen.

Responsible Construction

A third crucial aspect, which is integrated seamlessly in all DEAS new development projects, is environmental friendliness. For tenants and space users, the environmental sustainability  plays a significant role nowadays.

-All our property development projects are environmentally certified, meaning they seek LEED or BREEAM certification, which measures the environmental impact of the project and its energy efficiency. Today, sustainability concerns are crucial for both the space users and property owners, explained by Kimmo Korpela, who represented the client in the project.

-The UNITY Helsinki project applied for and received the LEED Gold environmental certification during the building phase, Korpela continues.

UNITY Helsinki Now and in the Future

Several operators offer studio hotels in the Helsinki metropolitan area, each catering to a slightly different target group. The demand is sufficient for all, and this also helps raise awareness of the studio hotel concept. This unique form of living appeals to both private residents and businesses due to its convenience, according to Tina Kaikkonen.

One of UNITY Helsinki’s success factors has been its central location in Jätkäsaari district, close to major international companies. This proximity allows short commutes for foreign project workers in a suburban-like setting. Additionally, the co-working spaces in Jätkäsaari have been beneficial for local remote workers.

Our co-working spaces seem to meet a need that is not readily available in the surrounding area. Jätkäsaari residents who work in our co-working areas may not have a dedicated workspace at home, and our well-lit and ergonomically designed workspaces attract new customers daily, providing a sense of community and specialty coffee, as highlighted by Kaikkonen.

For more information and to explore UNITY Helsinki’s offerings: https://unity-living.com/en/locations/unity-helsinki/