Pyynikin Trikoo – A Unique Area Development Project


Pyynikin Trikoo development project combines several desired features, including the location close to nature and next to the city center, the historical industrial surroundings, local entrepreneurs, and sustainability.

Johanna Saarivuo, Head of Asset Management Finland at DEAS Asset Management, shared insights about the history of Pyynikin Trikoo factory area, the development project, and the current housing market situation. According to Saarivuo, a successful area development project embodies three key factors: an attractive location, great amenities, and sustainability. In addition to those Pyynikin Trikoo offers the unique advantage of a historical industrial setting.

Old Factory, New Services

Pyynikin Trikoo was acquired from a Finnish pension company Varma in 2018. The characteristically red-brick industrial area, dating back to the early 1900s, combines multiple buildings constructed over different decades, all of which were thoroughly renovated during the project. Some of the old industrial buildings have been transformed into high-quality loft apartments. The first to be completed was “Pyynikin Patruuna” in fall 2020, followed by “Pyynikin Mestari” in the turn of the year of 2022-2023. In total, approximately 120 unique loft apartments have been completed in the development, with only 15 apartments currently unsold, Saarivuo notes. The last two condominium projects, “Pyynikin Kamreeri” and “Kisälli”, are currently in the planning stage but will bring residents to the area once completed.

The commercial section of the area was completed shortly after the completion of the first condominium phase, “Patruuna”. Currently, the area offers residents and tourists with amenities such as the UNITY Studio Hotel, co-working spaces, meeting rooms, event venues, and saunas, Aitoleipä’s breakfast and a lunch café, Mad Finn Brewery microbrewery, Market Trikoo grocery store, Loaded Studio gym, Tampere Conservatory’s dance school, Dayspa Helmi, and a few smaller local businesses. Saarivuo mentions that currently the team is searching for a restaurateur matching the areas charasteristics.

Nestled Between Lake Pyhäjärvi and Pyynikki ridge

Pyynikin Trikoo is located near Tampere centrum, just a short distance away from extensive service offering. In its immediate vicinity, you can find Pyynikin Beach, Varala Sports Institute, and the beautiful outdoor recreational areas of the well known Pyynikki ridge. Saarivuo emphasizes that extensive outdoor activities at your doorstep and close proximity to nature have attracted homebuyers to the area. People have chosen Pyynikin Trikoo for its carefree living by the lake, with stunning vistas from the balconies and terraces. Good transportation connections allow for living in Pyynikki even if one’s workplace is in the Greater Helsinki area or even farther away, summarizes Saarivuo.

– Sanna Puhakainen, CEO of DEAS, who has been following the project since its inception, describes it as a source of joy and pride in the local real estate industry. It’s rare to be involved in such a magnificent one of a kind project, says Puhakainen.

Responsible Construction

DEAS recognizes that sustainable construction, environmental responsibility, and energy efficiency are key drivers in today’s world and embedded in all things we do. Almost all of the new projects managed by DEAS are environmentally certified, meaning they apply for a LEED or BREEAM certification, which measures the environmental aspects of a project and its energy efficiency. Today, environmental concerns hold great significance for all the stakeholders involved, says Saarivuo. Pyynikin Trikoo achieved a LEED Gold certification in the spring of 2023.

Preserving the cultural and architectural heritage of the area was crucial for Pyynikin Trikoo. Right from the beginning, the design focused on maintaining the historical chracteristics while creating technically a functional and contemporary living solution.

Furthermore, Pyynikin Patruuna received recognition from the City of Tampere for its exemplary construction work, which Saarivuo considers a special testament to how sustainability aspects were incorporated into all phases of the development project.

The Current Housing Market

-The housing market situation can vary greatly between different regions and cities and can also change rapidly due to changes in economic, interest rate, and other factors. Urban areas with strong employment and economic growth tend to attract more homebuyers, notes Saarivuo.

-The housing market has faced challenges this year due to rising interest rates and inflation. The market situation is cautious, and currently general inflationary pressures further weaken property sales, adds Saarivuo.

-Interest in the Pyynikki’s project has been strong from the beginning, and regardless of the challenging market situation, the unique Pyynikin Mestari apartments currently available for sale have attracted a lot of prospective buyers to viewings, says Saarivuo.

Pyynikin Trikoo’s apartments are sold by Huoneistokeskus Oy Tampere. For inquiries about available apartments, you can contact them at +358 20 780 2300 or +358 20 780 2350. For more information about Pyynikin Trikoo development and the apartments for sale, please visit