DEAS Office Spaces in a Central Locations


Several factors are emphasized in the market for office spaces, such as a prime location, sustainability, and excellent services.

DEAS’s office space experts Senior Asset Manager Matti Kivilä, Asset Manager Kimmo Korpela, and Head of Transactions Finland Henrik Eskolin, shared insights about the current office space trends.

According to the experts, successful office spaces embodies three prevailing trends: a location in or within walking distance of the city center, sustainability, and services.

Right Location:

DEAS-managed office spaces are strategically located with excellent access to transportation, either in the city center or its immediate vicinity, ensuring smooth public transportation connections. For example, a property located on Malminkatu, right next to Kamppi Metro Station and the shopping center, offers excellent spaces for small to medium-sized companies.

“Office spaces with a good location remain competitive regardless of the market situation, even though the competition for tenants is fierce,” says Kivilä.

In total, DEAS manages over 400,000 square meters of properties in Finland, valued at over a billion euros, with about one-fifth of the space being office properties.

Sustainable premises:

Another crucial aspect currently emphasized in office spaces is environmental impact. Environmentally certified office spaces are in limited supply in the Helsinki metropolitan area, making them highly sought after by tenants who prioritize sustainability of their spaces.

“All our completed projects are environmentally certified, meaning they seek LEED or BREEAM certification, which measures the ecological impact of the project and its energy efficiency. Today, sustainability concerns are crucial for both the users and property owners,” says Korpela.

“For example, our recently completed office project in Helsinki, Fredriksberg D, achieved a BREEAM Excellent environmental rating, and we aim for the same in the BREEAM In-Use certification during the property’s operational phase,” Kivilä adds.

DEAS-managed office spaces in Helsinki’s city center locations, including Malminkatu, Erottajankatu, and Ludviginkatu, have achieved Very Good-level BREEAM In-Use certifications. Achieving these required technical improvements in older heritage buildings, such as upgrading building automation, replacing fluorescent lighting with LEDs, and automating energy consumption monitoring, as seen in the Ludviginkatu property.

Close to Services:

Fredriksberg D is located in the emerging Konepaja district in Helsinki, and other DEAS-managed office properties are situated in close proximity to excellent services in the centrum’s of Helsinki, Turku, and Oulu.

“All our properties located in the Helsinki centrum are within a 10-minute walk to Helsinki Central Railway Station. Each property’s near vicinity offers numerous trendy lunch options, and all other daily services are within reach,” mentions Kivilä.

“DEAS-managed properties offer diverse and tailor-made space solutions for businesses of all sizes according to customer preferences,” Kivilä further explains.

Office space of the future

In the future, cooperation between tenants and landlords will deepen as tenants seek improved services not only within their leased properties but also in their immediate surroundings.

“Bike parking, a gym, yoga studio, excellent social facilities, lobby services, and electric vehicle charging will become increasingly important property services in the future,” says Kivilä.

“The demands for building energy efficiency from both investors and space users will increase as regulations become stricter. It’s essential that properties are sustainable, have a moderate carbon footprint, and a long lifespan,” Kivilä continues.

DEAS is well aware of the current market situation where companies are rethinking their operations with remote work becoming an integrated part of the standard model of working. DEAS can offer competitive and flexible space solutions for companies with good transportation access and nearby services.

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